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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question for us which isn't on this list please get in touch!

What support can ACC provide for shoulder injuries?
I have shoulder pain. Will I need surgery?
I have injured my shoulder. Will I need an X-ray?
What can I do to help my shoulder myself?
What does ‘pacing’ mean and how can I use it?
Why is the focus on breathing an important part of shoulder exercise?
What is the big deal about posture?
Why can stress make pain feel worse?
Will massage help my shoulder pain?
Do I need an injection for my shoulder pain?
What medications should I take for my shoulder pain?
Is there a cream or other remedy that will help my shoulder pain?
How long will it take my shoulder pain to get better?
How soon can I return to work/sport after my shoulder injury?
Will the pain get worse as I get older?
Will the rotator cuff tear heal?
Why does my other shoulder hurt?