Shoulder Project

Pokohiwi Mārōrō

The Otago Shoulder Health Project

The information on this website developed from our combined experience in clinical practice, research studies, science communication, and a formal Participatory Action Research Project at the Centre for Health, Activity and Rehabilitation Research, School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago, Aotearoa New Zealand.   

Participatory action research is a collaborative partnership with researchers and people with lived experiences. This project included people with shoulder pain and physiotherapists in clinical practice who provided input and feedback, enabling culturally important concepts to be interwoven with research-based evidence.

The purpose of the website is to provide information for people living with shoulder pain, to help understand pain and provide initial advice to take care of the pain, and where to seek care. The website may also be useful for clinicians to refer patients to, and to include as part of conversations between the clinicians and patients. 

Participatory Action Research team members

We appreciate the valuable input provided by the following members:

Ria Brodie, Dunedin
Morna Picard, Dunedin
Wayne Stephenson, Dunedin
Priyangika Konthasingha, Dunedin
Sonya Atkinson, Dunedin
Heather Brooks, Dunedin
Charleen Silcock, Dunedin
Alex Nicol, Arrowtown
Ann Thompson, Golden Bay
Monique Baignent, Auckland
Pradnya Gadkari, Auckland
Macy McLaughlin, Auckland
Paul Close, Auckland

Ethics approval

The study was approved by the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee (Health) (Ref. No. H20/128, date 3rd November 2020). All Participatory Action Research team members (participants) provided informed written consent to take part in the study. 


The Otago Shoulder Health project has been funded by research grants from Physiotherapy New Zealand, the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy Association, and the Jack Thomson Arthritis Grant (Otago Medical Research Foundation)

Construction of this website was supported by an Activation Grant of the Health Research Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (20/1161, 2020).

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